The contract used in this demo has not yet been audited and should not be used in production.

Futaba Testnet 🌱

On this page you can experience Futaba's query. Let's try it 🚀

You can find detailed usage instructions in Guide

Balance query

Step1: Connect your wallet. You can use Metamask, WalletConnect and so on.

Step2: Select the chain and token address you want to query. But the only tokens that can be queried are those received from Faucet. If you wish to query any ERC20 token, use Custom query.

Step3: Click the "Send Query" button to send the query.

Step4: You can check the query result on the "Your Transactions".

Step5: Checking the Explorer from the response transaction, you can see that new tokens have been minted for the total of the queries.

Sample data

ChainToken Address



Optimism Sepolia


Arbitrum Sepolia